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29 May, 2015
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When footballers retire they often disappear, but this is not the case with David Beckham. The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England star finally stopped playing at the end of last season at the age of 39, but he is still in the news. This is mainly because of his marriage to former Spice Girl, Victoria Adams, now Victoria Beckham. Paparazzi follow them everywhere.


David Beckham was born in 1975 in the London suburb of Leyton­ Stone, which was also the birth­ place of Psycho director Alfred Hitchcock. The local team is called Leyton Onent. But the Beckhams supported Manchester United. As a child David dreamed of playing for Manchester United, and his dream came true when he was 17. He made his England debut in 1996. But the 1998 World Cup ended badly when he was sent off against Argentina. This was after reacting to a provocation by Diego Simeone. Simeone is another former player who is still famous. He is the coach of Spanish champions Atletico Madrid.


David’s status as a star was confirmed in 2002 when his name appeared in the title of the Keira Knightley film Berd it Like Beckham. Beckham briefly appears in the film, but it isn’t the real David Beckham: it’s his double, Andy Harrner. The real David Beckham was part of a very successful Manchester United team but his relations with coach Alex Ferguson began to deteriorate. Ferguson thought Beckham was more inter­ested in celebrity and he hated his ‘Spice Girl’ wife. On one occasion Ferguson threw a boot in the changing room. The boot hit Beckham above the eye. Beck­ham left Manchester United. He later joined the Real Madrid, and has since played for LA Galaxy in the United States, AC Milan in Italy and Paris St Germain in France.



 TO RETIRE: jubilarseFORMER: ex

MAINLY: principalmente

BIRTHPLACE: lugar de nacimiento

TO DREAM:  soñar

BADLY: mal, estrepnosarnente

TO BE SENT OFF: ser expulsado

COACH: entrenador

WAS CONFIRMED: fue consolidado

TO HATE: odiar

TO THROW: tirar, lanzar






CHANGING ROOM: vestuarioADVERTISING: publicidad

TO NICK’NAME: apodar

BEHAVIOUR: comportamiento


CAN: lata

IN PAIRS: por parejas

CO-OWNER: copropietario

SOCCER: fútbol

ACCOROING  TO RUMOURS: según se rumorea