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Los hijos de Manuela Carmena- Manuela Carmena’s children

Manuela Carmena is our new Mayor of Madrid supposed to be a person of “the plain people”. It does not seem so though, by the way she educates her own children:

Manuel and Eva Leira Carmena are the children of the new mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena. The son has just granted an interview to Vanity Fair, which described some details of his youth.

Manuel states that he has passed “a happy childhood” thanks to the facilities  given by his mother, and brings out some significant details.

The family spent many summers in Ibiza, enjoying temperatures and landscapes that the island offers its visitors. Winters admits, passed in the Arturo Soria, a suburb of Madrid where he explains many times have robbed him:

– “We were with our pay and our last model of sneakers an easy aim for burglars”.

Furthermore, the small son of the family went a full school year to the United States, he was sent by his parents to improve their second language, English.

By the way. There he lived with a family, as has confessed, was “super geek”:

– “The father was a Vietnam veteran who wore camouflage clothing. One day he took me for a walk and ended up in the cemetery. Above the headboard of my bed there were four rifles as a decoration. My parents went a little worried and decided to come visit at Christmas. They brought a sword of Cid gift [the Spanish reconquest hero] and the guy was really  excited. “